Fov makes me nauseous

So I’ve been playing a little bit of this game and I have to say, it’s pretty good, but I have a few ideas that 343 could use if they were popular enough.
Topic 1- Fov
In my opinion, the fov is cloggy and claustrophobic. This is very noticeable with the assault rifle, and it obscures half your screen. Simply decrease the gun size and/or increase fov, which would make for a faster game as you’d see a lot more people.
Topic 2- Key binding
This is a personal preference, but I think putting thruster pack onto right stick click would be far better than ‘b’, because you wouldn’t have to take your right thumb off the stick to use the thruster pack, if this is a rejected idea, at least allow players to bind keys like pc, this is the next gen for gods sake.
Topic 3- shield not recharging while running
This is an extremely frustrating feature, as even when you’ve managed to escape someone by sprinting and out running him, the moment he sees you he’ll kill you, no matter how quickly you escaped. I agree with RyanW that sprinting should be deleted, as it completely ruins the halo feel and ruins gunfights.
Would love to hear some feedback and different ideas,

I agree with the FOV issue. I feel extremely claustrophobic when I play.

I’m not sure if it’s the field of view or not, but there is something about it that makes it not as visually appealing as the other Halo games.