FoV, a minor complaint.

When I watch videos of this game, I notice players have an improved FoV over last games. It really shows a lot of the finer details of the weapons and lets you see more of the action going on in the game.

However, I can’t do this in-game, most likely due to my relatively small TV.

Would it be possible to allow players to customize their FoV in the future, or is such a thing an impossibility (as I’ve never seen a console game that allows you to do this)?

I think you might be able to do that already, kind of with just various xbox/tv settings, but I am not positive.

I have notices however, that split screen doesn’t change the FoV etc the same as it use to. On Reach I use to play better on split screen, just how the resolution and stuff worked on my monitor.

Split screen on H4 is terrible for me though, nothing seems to ever go well