Fountainhead Perfected! Lockout and Construct Inspired Must Have Map!

Since my first posting I’ve received over 250 downloads in the first week! I felt the need to create the absolute perfect version of this map for everyone to enjoy. The spawning system is completely revamped for to add a whole lot more variety. Two more Dmrs have been added to the bottom floor. All weapon respawns are now on MLG standard time. This is the version that everyone must have! Trust me!
“Wow… Lockout and Construct had a baby! Its interesting how you start a map versus the finished product. With this kind of dedication to each map all your products will be something to be posted and shared. This really is a smooth map with these adjustments. Send me an invite some time to play.” - DaWorsePlyrHere
Direct Download: Fountainhead
Forgehub Page: Fountainhead
I’m also almost finished with my newest map, Anthem.
Here’s a screenshot to wet your appetite :slight_smile:Anthem

I have downloaded the map and after I view this map I will update this post with a little review.


Just won map of the week at The Forging Assembly!

A special thanks to Warboss and Darkfire for looking at the map and helping me perfect it!