found little info.. Help with infinity/matchmaking

So here is some background info
-4gb xbox
-usb flashdrive

i had halo 4 disc two installed onto a flashdrive before, and everything went fine. I deleted it to make room for another game, and that game worked fine too.
After getting bored, i deleted some stuff and re-installed halo 4 disc two onto the flashdrive. First couple times, showed corrupted files in storage. Got it to install all the way this time, files look fine in storage.

Campaign worked, but when i try to load up infinity slayer or matchmaking, it lets me vote on the map, but then it either freezes on the rotating digital eagle and restarts me to the main menu. I cant get it to to work! Ive tried everything such as; Clear cache, uninstall then reinstall, download from xbox live instead of disc, as well as extensive research into the topic. I have found people with my issue on threads dating back to 2012! And no info on a fix. I did find a link that was halowaypoint.aspx or something saying it was on a list of issues being looked into. But it now redirects to the main home page of Halo Waypoint. Its 2014, and I just wanna play some halo 4 online.


I’m pretty sure you need a HDD to play Halo 4 online. I don’t think the flash drive will suffice. I could be wrong but I remember that being an issue for those who bought the 4 gb Xbox and Halo 4.