Found a tweet that makes me want the Reaver in infinite

Credit to greenknight for above.

But damn I Want the Reaver for a few reasons, it is a good indirect fire and lock on AA vehicle with high mobility, something that fits infinite well. that and quite frankly I want something that stands a chance against me in the air in campaign once I get a wasp.

Seriously once you have a wasp in campaign there is no challange to the open world. Heaven forbid how easy it will get once we have the falcon.

I love when modders create content like this.

The Reaver would be so cool and super unique, like you said, with its indirect fire and lock on ability for anti-air. I picture this like a mobile mounted missile pod.

To your point, it adds balance to campaign as a banished vehicle… once I unlocked the Wasp all I did was fly everywhere, the Reaver would be a fun anti-air enemy to encounter.

yeah the game really needs something to deal with the ease once you get airborn.