Found a Secret Switch, need help putting together the rest of the mystery!

Okay, so right when you get into the open world, make your way up to the two turrets on the wreckage. There’s a red switch next to a dead marine. It says ACTIVATE but nothing happens.

Even weirder, after beating the game and returning to Zeta after the credits, that switch and the dead marine are both gone.

Anyone run across any similar switches on their first playthrough?

No switches for me, but I found an ancient Forerunner alter/plinth at the top of a mountain, and am 100% sure it’s there for a reason.
Thinking it might be to do with the rings you can find, but I haven’t gotten them all yet.


i think I know the one you mean. Does the view line up perfectly with the rest of the ring? I think it was very, very south, if we’re talking about the same thing.

Yeah, a tall peak along the bottom of the map, east of FOB Lima.

On another peak close by, possibly the tallest on the map, I found a Doll and the OG Halo theme played for me.

Edit: just hopped back in, it does indeed ‘look’ directly up spin of the ring, towards the Auditorium. And the Doll hill is the peak at 1 o’clock from there.

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ill head over there and take a look. I found 2 spots where the halo themes opening chanting plays, one of them is on the bow of the crashed ship you start free roam in.

i personaly havn’t encountered them… but i recon they may just be cut content. afterall 3/4th of it all was cut. so it could be another halo 2 situation, where it’s all left over stuff from development

Do you have a citation for that? Haven’t heard that much content was cut from anyone else

I got the OG tune to play way up north on top of one of those. Triangle shape buildings that have existed since the first game. Kinda like a flat triangle, split in two. This one was on the northern “horn” section of the map, if I remember correctly.

sorry, 2/3rds of the campaign, but close enough
add a H at the beginning:
at least that’s what this article says. but if it’s true, then it would be surprised there’s left over cut content

I read there was an orbital strike you can call in that area? Is this what you found?

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yep, that looks to be it. A little underwhelming, but cool nonetheless. Thank you!

Not sure if it’s part of the mystery, but after killing the camo elite in the forerunner room in outpost tremonious and then leaving to continue the game, if you return, an arcade Halo game is there.