Found a error in the game informer page.

So today i got my gameinformer in the mail.Looked at the awesome mario on the cover and went straight to the Enter The Prometheans page.I noticed that there was a error.

Number 5 is supposed to be surpressor but is on the scattershot.Vice versa.

Just my Ultra-super-nerdy-if-there-is-an-error-freak-out instincts at work here.

There’s quite alot of errors and exaggerations in that magazine :confused:

Call an ambulamps!

Because this is such a big deal! /sarcasm

> Because this is such a big deal! /sarcasm

Was he insinuating it was a big deal? He just found an error and wanted to point it out.

If found a error in your thread title.

found ‘an’ error in your title :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw these images a while back. Game Informer made mistakes for Reach as well but it’s no big.

> Because this is such a big deal! /sarcasm

Hey man! Dont be rude please~! MJspartan is my freind and he Found out this funny little “mixup/hiccup” so no need to use the sarcasm for I myself found this to be a pretty big mistake.

not as bad as this

It also said the array was activated 10,000 years ago when its actually 100,000 years ago.

Good eye OP, but then again, this kind of stuff never really bothers me. Now seeing what the article said about Prometheans and covenant left me a little concerned…