Found a Cheater (i thnk)

Not sure where to post this as I haven’t posted much on these forums. I just played swat and ran into this guy two games in a row: Hedless Spartan. Both games he had no head, I’m not sure if this is a glitch or a hack, but the only way to kill him was to shoot his body several times…which in swat isn’t helpful. I reported him on xbl, but I just figured I’d post here so see if anyone else has seen this guy, or anyone else doing this?

Was his name Gov?

No, it was Hedless Spartan, but doing some research, apparently someone named Gov has the same thing

Just checked his service record, he’s only played 1 hour 37 min total of halo4, so he’s relatively new, hopefully he can be banned soon

I thought you were trolling, then I saw this:

From his service record

Perhaps resultant from wearing a DLC helmet, deleting content, messing with online/offline status etc.

aha, I wasn’t lying, very frustrating playing against someone you can’t kill -_-

what a badass.