Found a bug in your scoreboard display for BTB Stockpile Game Mode

Wanted to let you know and not sure if anyone else has brought this to your attention but there is an incorrect display in the Scoreboard section at the end of a Big Team Battle Stockpile Game Mode. The game completed as expected once we collected enough cores (15). But at the end of the game, it lists the count of Deposits in the wrong field, it’s displaying in the ‘Steals’ field and not the ‘Deposits’ field. Cause there’s no way we had 15 Steals and only 1 Deposit to win the game. Unless I’m not understanding the game mode properly but this appears to be a bug. Check your code. Wish I could attach my screenshot but since I’m a new user, it won’t let me attach files at this time. Please run a test on your side and see what happens. Hope this gets solved. :grin:

I’m not sure how else to report a bug/issue, so my only option was through the forums. Wish there was a better way to inform your team.