Found a bug in one life Flood

Before actually talking about the bug, I just want to say that this is the first time I’m posting on a Halo forum. Infection in Halo: Reach really disappointed me, so I hoped Halo 4’s Flood would be so much better. Turns out that even in Halo 4 Flood isn’t like the Custom Games community wants it to be, but even with limited options (no custom loadouts for Flood, no option to toggle sprint,…) I still tried to remake some popular minigames (like Fat Kid, Assassin, Cops & Robbers,…). Limitations like these and the bug I’ll talk about made me post my first thread, because this needs to stop. However, I’m not going to start yet another rant about Custom Games in general, because I’m pretty sure there are enough rants already.

The bug is kind of similar to the bug in Halo: Reach, where the round doesn’t end when everyone has one life and the zombies are killed. This time, the round does end in most cases, except when the flood/alpha flood hasn’t killed anybody yet, and gets killed instead. In order to end the round, a survivor needs to kill himself. This is quite annoying as sometimes the survivors simply can’t kill themselves.

343i, in my opinion you have done a great job with the Campaign, Matchmaking and all the rest. But I play a LOT of Custom Games with friends, and I just want to relive the fun times I had back in Halo 3. I really hope you notice this thread (just like any other custom games thread) and fix this bug asap. I’m pretty sure Custom Games is one of the things that kept Halo 3 alive for so long, and will keep Halo 4 alive if you act now.

Bump. Has anyone else run into this issue so far?

Yeah this needs to be sorted out 343 industries.

I was also disappointed not being able to make duck hunt and halo custom games because infected cant have weapons

Bumping this from 9 months ago hoping someone knows a way around this problem.

> Bumping this from 9 months ago hoping someone knows a way around this problem.

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Despite it being bumped, I did find a solution to this a bit back - so I might as well share it.

In /Game options/Flood/ there is an item called “Special Conversion”. This has three options: Suicide, Betrayal, and Both.
This basically determines for survivors, if they do anything stupid, they convert to Flood.
By default, I think it’s set on “Suicide”. You want to change it to “Both”.
Now, in one-life games, if the Flood is killed, survivors win.

I don’t entirely know why it works, but it does.

Apologies if this goes against rules about continuing on a necro’d thread.

> Bumping this from 9 months ago hoping someone knows a way around this problem.

While it may seem like a good idea it is still against the rules- it is best to create a new thread to discuss the issue instead of bumping an old one up.

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