Found 2 more Issues With Custom Game Capture The Flag

The following was just sent to tech support:

Ref: Capture The flag!

As you can see in the pic I have uploaded I have the Settings set at: Flag must be at your base to cap the flag. ( )

People can cap the flag even if you flag is “NOT” at your base. I setup my custom CTF games where the flag “MUST” be at your base in order to cap the flag.

Note: The setting for “Flag Must Be At you Base” setting does not work!! People can still cap the flag even if you flag is not at your base!!

Issue #2:

I setup my Custom CTF games for “5 CAPS” and 30 mins" games. The issue is when you have caped the enemies flag 3 times the enemies flag “DOES NOT APPEAR” at the enemies base anymore. So you cannot cap anymore flags after 3. That is a big issue. So you have people running all over the place looking for the enemies flag and its not there any more!! Big Issue!

This is just another issue that need to be fixed BIG TIME!! :rage: