Fotus variants in Req cards

Let us know that Fotus is obtained with the special edition console, but even more there are 2 variants Standard and sychronize are unlocked with Peden Req Req Packs with random packs to win ? we all know that this armor so as to help me know if you can get so

wait what?

If there are 2 variants but not if it is possible to obtain with the req packs

All armors are available in REQ packs. Including fotus.

Yeah, if I’m understanding your question correctly (I’m not positive that I am), you can absolutely get them in packs. I got the base version armor just this morning.

I got my helmet from a gold and the armour from the req bundle i opened earlier armour kinda looks like recycled oceanic

You can get all 3 variants of fotus in req packs the only thing you wont get is the emblem that comes with the console.

then if you can get fotus armor without having the console
thanks for clearing my doubt :slight_smile:

aw man now when I kill an unborn fotus I can’t laugh they this is prolly the only xbone game they have.