FOTUS (Fist of the Unicorns)

FOTUS RECRUITMENT (Est. 5-26-1998)
This message is directed at those willing to uphold a code of value across the community, respect for all, and a want for home. This place is for individuals looking for a home and not just to be treated like a number like many other clans. If this sounds like something for you, please message FOTUS#0343 on DISCORD. Messaging is turned off on Xbox for non-friends but the discord is always open. To apply, go to to get an application in. Once you apply, don’t forget to expedite the process by messaging FOTUS on discord. We communicate everything we do on discord so it is essential to being a successful member within the community. We currently have over 200 members across Halo, Destiny, Fallout and many other titles. Of course we will be highly involved in the various launches for Halo Reach. You will always have a someone to play with. We have both a Xbox Club and of course a Spartan company so you aren’t overwhelmed adding everyone. Hope to see you soon. If you have any further questions, please message me. Thanks!

Be sure to find yourself a community for Halo Reach and Infinite… Don’t want to be left out!