FOTUS armor - transfer to another account?

I purchased the Xbox One Halo Limited Edition console for my son’s Christmas, and unfortunately messed up the set-up/Halo 5 download.

This is our first Xbox experience (my son has moved to the Xbox one from a PS3), and we/I didn’t realise some downloads were tied to the user profile/account and not to the console itself. At the time, my son didn’t have a Microsoft/Xbox account, so the initial set-up/download was done using my account. So the main Halo download (including the Warzone Req pack bundle) and the FOTUS armor download were done on my account. We then created an account for my son, and he started playing. And later realised he didn’t have the Warzone bundle or the FOTUS armor. Of course, we now know why… And he is incredibly disappointed.

I guess he could play on my account to access these packs (which are still unopened), but he has made significant progress in the game which he is reluctant to give up (and I’m not a Halo player - don’t flame me…)

In an effort to make things right with him, I purchased another Warzone bundle on his account, and all is OK now with that. However, we seem to be stuck regarding the FOTUS armor. It is an Xbox One Halo 5 limited edition console exclusive. We have that console, we’ve just downloaded some items to the wrong account…

I have contacted Microsoft Xbox support and while they are sympathetic, they say there is nothing they can do. They suggested posting here, so here I am…

So, is there any way to transfer a downloaded pack to another account? Or even to purchase another key for the FOTUS armor?

I hope someone can help me make things right…

Sadly, there is no way to transfer the armour between accounts.

The good news is, the FOTUS armour isn’t actually exclusive to the console edition, it is just an early access so you don’t have to use the REQ system to unlock them like other playlists.

As your son plays and opens REQ packs, he will eventually unlock FOTUS armour. However, it may take a little while since it is classed as “Ultra Rare” and some variants are even “Legendary”.

Toiner master is my account so transfer

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks. As noted above, it’s not possible to transfer armour between accounts