FOTUS Armor redeemable code help?

I’d bought Halo 4 from a friend a long time ago, he never played it and it turns out he bought the Limited Edition Xbox 360, and he never used the code for the FOTUS Armor/Lightrifle skin. I used the code on an old Xbox, which ended up RROD-ing. I now have another Xbox, and I can’t access the FOTUS Armor or Lightrifle skin. What do?

This would probably be better in the Halo 4 forum than the Reach forum…

That said, have you checked your download history? If you successfully redeemed the items on your old Xbox and you’re still using the same gamertag on the new one, the items should be in your download history. Find them and re-download them; you won’t have to provide a new code or anything.