Fotus Armor Re-up

My xbox hasn’t been working since summer so I haven’t played halo or anything in months and I finally got an old xbox from one of my friends but none of my pre order armors and skins are available on my profile anymore. I assume its because it was on my old hardrive but is there any way I can redeem them? I still have my codes…can I redeem again through thanks

sorry to add but I just tried to redeem it again and it says the code has already been used. I guess I’m just out of luck?

You’re going to want to go to your download history if you want to redownload things previously redeemed or bought, you could also use a transfer cable to move things between hard drives.

Though if you’re on a different console and you intend to stick with that one, you should probably look into a license transfer {Look at the 2nd question)

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You can’t License Transfer Fotus armor i’v tried it twice.