Fotus armor & helmet

For some strange reason I can’t find my fotus armor on my halo 5 from when I purchased my limted halo 4 edition 360 console for$399… Can u plz transfer it to my Xbox1… I would’ve purchased the Xbox1 Halo 5 console but funds did not permit… I’m a long time fan since the 1st halo before online play… I have collectables out the rear end, ie. Posters, action figures, games, consoles, metal energy sword & pics to prove it but anyway that’s besides the point I loved my character in Halo 4 & would love to look the same in 5… Have a heart my friends… Thank u!!!

You can’t get the fotus helmet and armor If you bought the Xbox 360 Halo 4 bundle. You have to get the Xbox one Halo 5 bundle to get it in Halo 5 or unlock it in REQ packs. Sry dude

Gotta get it through req packs friend may rng be with you.