Fotus armor code

I’ve got one, if interested, contact me via PM.

Edit: Code is on Ebay, 15% will go to Sarcoma Alliance charity, I will however listen to private offers.


I understand that you’d be grateful, believe me when I say I can be an over generous person. Like I’d give the shirt off my back even if it’s my last one usually.

However this is not one of those cases. However on Ebay it’s listed by my account Sierra 331, it’s also starting at $25 USD which I think is modest considering the other auctions, and no hidden reserve price.

just give it for free if you’re gonna post on waypoint, this isn’t a buy/sell forum, so piss off man

Buying and selling is a violation of forum rules. Even giving stuff away charitably is a bit of a grey area. Good luck though.

I’d like one,

I was cool with this thread when I thought you were giving it away but selling goods is against the XBL TOS and therefore against the rules here too.