Forza Veloce and Headmaster Achievements Not Unlocking

Title. A few days ago, I did a campaign run on easy. Started at 1:23 and finished at around 7:30. Did it all in a single sitting too without ever quitting the game, yet when I killed the harbinger, the Forza Veloce achievement did not unlock. Apparently a few months back some people had some issues with achievements not unlocking and just had to keep waiting for a few hours or days, but I still have not gotten this achievement.
Worse still, I just finished a LASO run and once again the corresponding achievement (Headmaster) did not unlock. I was very careful to check that the 12 skulls were enabled at all times (hitting load game instead of continue each time as some people suggested) throughout the run, but still nothing. I really don’t want to have to do either of these achievements again - although DEFINITELY not the LASO run.
Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

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Have a look through these threads. If they don’t help, I’d suggest going to the Halo Support site and submitting a ticket:

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I also didn’t skip any levels on my LASO run, although that seems patched now anyway. Just blasted through every level with the tank gun and all skulls on.

Yeah I just finished LASO today after hitting load game every time and no achievement. I even got the achievements for beating normal, heroic, and legendary but not the LASO achievement. I’m about to go for Forza Veloce but it would be nice not needing to wonder if thats all a waste of time too. Let us know if anything fixes your issue.

Same situation as you for the HeadMaster.
First time Ive completed the LASO run between S1 and S2. No achievement unlocked.
Now I’m in the middle of my second attempt. Did you started as well after the update of the 25th?

Hearing also your experience, I think I’ll stop. I’ve opened a ticket and juddging from the reply, they alsl dont have a clear understandind lf this and how to solve it. Consider that the reply to my ticket in the end was “we suggest to try” but with no guarantee that now it would work…

What is frustrating is not the issue itself (it can happen), in my opinion is more the lack of clarity on a possible solution (like, keep your completed save and wait for an update).
Lets hope a solution will come out soon.

Having the exact same problem here. Started my LASO run about a week ago, just finished yesterday but no achievement and my progress for it is still at 0%. Not a single damn mission counted even though i was extremely careful and did everything everyone recommended. I just submitted my own ticket so if I get a response before i see any updates here I’ll post how it goes.

Completed LASO Twice. No achievement. They really need to fix this.

Yes, please update the thread. I would love to know. This is bugged for me too.

for the Forza Veloce achievement you need to make a slot separated from the other
slot 1: campaign
slot 2: empty
slot 3: empty
slot 4: campaign

and always start with the load game

Dude wtf. Litterialy same here. Just completed LASO LEGIT. No glitches. no exploits 100% STRAIGHT UP…,

(considering all glitches are patched ANYWAYS)

And I got The achievement: A True Test Of Legends but not Headmaster. So pissed.

Yep same here finished laso today and the achievement is stuck on 70%