Forward Unto Dawn - Part 4 EXCLUSIVE CLIP

I’m subscribed to pixelplanet and noticed that they uploaded a “sneak peak” of Part 4 of Halo 4 - Forward Unto Dawn just a while ago.

For your viewing pleasure.

I have to say… it puts a whole new meaning in fighting the Covenant. The clip sets the tone, and provides a thrilling, yet horrifying, feel to it.

Not to burst your “Yay I’m posting a thread on this exclusive clip!” bubble, but this clip isn’t exclusive to pixelplanet, nor are you the first to post a thread about it. Another site posted this video this morning, and there was a hand full of threads on it.

Firstly, bad link. Try this one.

Secondly, old news as of yesterday my friend.

I’m sorry, but I don’t frequent this forum enough to know what goes in and out.