Forward Unto Dawn Marine Recruitment

The Forward Unto Dawn Marines are recruiting.

The Clan:
The Forward Unto Dawn is a UNSC clan made up mostly of community veterans. We recently opened our doors to anyone interested in joining and have already grown to roughly 30 members. Our structure is made up of 2 separate branches, the Marines and ODSTs. Both branches offer unique challenges and distinct experiences. We enjoy focusing on the customs and courtesies of a military while still maintaining the fun atmosphere of Xbox and of a clan.

The Marines:
The Marines are a proud and dedicated branch that will fight to the last man in order to complete their goal. We have a tough training and even tougher standards. We strive to be the best that we can be. We pride ourselves on strong leadership and an iron will. The marines will not only train you to be a better soldier, but also a better person. Very few people ever depart from our brotherhood without being changed by it. We hope you consider joining our ranks, and if not, we hope to see you on the battlefield.

Please Contact Nolan M Byrne for more information,
Thank You