Forward Unto Dawn, Episode 1 Graphic Novel

On Friday I created a 6-part review of the first episode of “Forward Unto Dawn.”

I’ve taken that quite a step further and made a graphic novel of the first episode. Using the screenshots I took as well as typing out some the dialog, I added Photoshop effects as well as laid out the project in InDesign.

Feel free to download this as it’s FREE. If you repost this anywhere, PLEASE give me credit as: Designed by Sal Salerno of
And please link back to my original post here. Forward Unto Dawn (unofficial) Graphic Novel: Episode 1 | HaloFanForLife

Please let me know what you think of the graphic novel, as I’ll be doing one for each of the six episodes.

Without further ado:
The original post with the gallery of pages: Forward Unto Dawn (unofficial) Graphic Novel: Episode 1 | HaloFanForLife

The actual image pages:

-Sal (HFFL)

This is amazing. Thank you. :smiley:

Dude, this is really awesome. :smiley:

Just wanted to let you folks know that the third episode graphic novel was completed last week ( Forward Unto Dawn (unofficial) Graphic Novel: Episode 3 | HaloFanForLife ) ) and I’m feverishly working on episode 4’s graphic novel.

Episode two’s graphic novel can be found here: Forward Unto Dawn (unofficial) Graphic Novel: Episode 2 | HaloFanForLife

As well I did an 8-part review of Episode 3 and an 11-part review of episode 4.

You can find all of my Forward Unto Dawn coverage here: Forward Unto Dawn | HaloFanForLife

I want to thank BS Angel for posting a link and pic of my graphic novel for episode 1 in the Featured section of the HaloWaypoint home page:

It’s quite an honor for me. I greatly appreciate that you, BS Angel, find my work worthy of being on the home page.

Sal (HFFL)