Forward Unto Dawn and Infinity are great.

While I’m normally not a fan of games as movies, long cut scenes punctuating gameplay, etc. in this case I have to say that Infinity and the Forward Unto Dawn series have been a high point of the Halo 4 experience.

I wouldn’t mind one bit if Infinity became a long running cg animated series, or if Forward Unto Dawn got picked up by someone to be a regular series. These have really exceeded any expectations I previously had for how well out of game content could really succeed at making me care about the larger Halo universe. I’ve read the books and seen Legends, but all of the cinematic content Halo 4 has just taken it to a new level. It’s also managed to introduce new characters I actually find myself engaged with and caring about.

I think it’s great that they did it this way, limiting the emotional core of the story to the game proper, but getting into the larger picture as supplemental content, rather than going the Halo 2 route to try and articulate the larger story which made the game feel like a huge departure from CE to me.

As a result I get all of this great, interesting story content, but the gameplay itself feels more like CE to me than any game since… well… CE. Which is what I’ve wanted from a Halo game since Halo 2.

Anyway… just my thoughts.