Forward Unto Dawm should be a sitcom!

Forward Unto Dawn should actually be a Halo sitcom! Here’s the pitch: Master Chief is aboard the UNSC Infinity that is en route to a faraway, top secret destination and the whole story revolves around the antics of the entire crew!

Here’s the first episode: Master Chief, Thomas Lasky and Dr. Halsey start a bowling team to try and win the Annual UNSC Infinity Bowling League. They’re all very good bowlers, and this year will be their shot at the championship. But to even register, they need another bowler. So they reluctantly pick up the Arbiter who is terrible at bowling because he has screwed up alien hands. We learn that friendship is more important than winning, and the Arbiter gets to play. And then… it all comes down to the Arbiter in the 10th frame. The Arbiter leaves it at a 7-10 split. All hope is lost. But wait! Here comes the slow-motion stock footage! The Arbiter picks up the split, and the team wins in the end!

I don’t even…

Hire this man!

This is actually a great idea!

If it does turn in to a sitcom. Oh god I will never watch another sitcom again.

I will never stop watching it.

Finally someone who knows how to write!

LOL, I can already picture the Arbiter throwing the bowling ball.

Next episode: Chief, Lasky, and Arbiter are attacked by Vegetable Zombies that are are suprisingly as big as Lasky because the crew threw out their Vegetables and Alien Brocolli make the thrown-out Vegetables into Zombies and Chief, Arby, and Lasky are the only people left until Chief develops an Annoying Orange-esque laugh and all the Vegeatable Zombies blow up and the Infinity is saved, and everyone who was attacked by the Vegetable Zombies were actually stored in the Engine Room and then they are set free because the Vegeatable Zombies blew up. :smiley:

Watch the Annoying Orange episode on Cartoon Network about when Vegetable Zombies appeared and you will know what I mean.

… Mind=blown

Still a better ending than Mass Effect 3.