Forums will be read only on Dec 13

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update/heads up:

The final forum migration will be happening on December 13

In order to do that, we’ll be putting the forums in read-only mode for a few hours so if/when you can’t post, please do not be alarmed.

This is kicking off at 4am PT and we expect it to last several hours. While most of the content should be here when you come back, I anticipate that there will inevitably be some data loss.

So to recap:

What: Forum Maintenance
When: December 13, 4am PT
Why: Importing the past threads

See y’all tomorrow!


Well ain’t that info coooooool~

So great to have the old posts migrated over to the new forums.

I’ve really come to like the new forums and having the old posts makes it even better.

Kind of fun to go back and read some of our earliest posts again, haha.

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Will old Community Updates / Canon Fodders be migrated over to the Waypoint side of things or is this end of the migration process?