Forums Closing Down, Farewell Everyone

Seems like they’re closing this place down at the end of March (read only from 20th) and encouraging us to do one of the following:

  • [Join the Official Halo Discord Server]
  • [Get help at the Halo Support Site] *
  • [Become a Halo Insider]
  • [Follow @Halo on Twitter]
  • [Follow @Halo on Instagram]
  • [Follow @Halo on Facebook]
  • [Follow @Halo on TikTok]

I’ve never found social media to be conducive to any sort of meaningful debate but rather an echo chamber for popular personalities. So I won’t be signing up to see any of you there. I wish those of you that do good luck.

I’m disappointed because we seemed to have plenty of spirited debates here and there still seemed to be a decent amount of traffic but apparently 343i felt otherwise.

Hopefully they get enough good feedback from other places and it’s not detrimental to the game going forward.

Anyway. Thanks for the good times.


Halo Infinite killed pretty much everything, even the new UI design they made with Infinite’s launch for the forum killed the forum even more so because of how confusing it is to use for new users & just trying to navigate it at all is bad.

I’m surprised they’re shutting it down instead of trying to fix it or just revert back to how it was during the Halo 5 days.

It was a good run, the Halo 5 days using these forums were the best, but ever since Infinite…Things just haven’t been good for anyone.


I’m a sad panda.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I find it pretty easy to use until you want to quote multiple people or do anything with links.


Yes, very sad to hear. Traffic has noticeably slowed over the last year, so not entirely surprising. I’ve been on the forums for very long time, and a daily user for the last 3 years.

I feel like this is the best place to discuss specific topics. Discord chat gets crazy with multiple conversations happening at the same time and I can’t come back the next day to pick up the same topic of discussion. I’ll never go to Twitter, it’s scary. Maybe I’ll try reddit? I don’t know. I’m just a lost puppy now.

Maybe I’ll just fade out of existence.


I just took a peak at the discord.

I think I’m too old for that -yoink-.

It makes no sense. It’s not a discussion.

I guess I could head to Reddit :frowning: - but it never seems very friendly.


Wow …I just read what they said. I’ll admit, I’m a little surprised but a little confused too. Does this mean this site is going bye bye? Or just the forums? Also, if someone has a problem now with bugs, crashes, etc where do there go?

I have ZERO faith in most social media. I actually hate it. I think social media does WAY more harm then good in society. This all said, I highly doubt I’ll be joining discord, so this means my Halo forums days are over. I was there on for years and here as well. Had many spirited talks. Maybe I’ll change my mind and give discord a try, who knows… But in MY Opinion, it doesn’t seem like 343I and MS really listen to us anyways…I’m sorry to say this, but it’s how I feel :disappointed: I can give countless and countless of examples as to why I think this. Yeah from time to time, sure they do…but overall, no.

Perfect example, these Halo surveys that they hand out are only for Americans…news flash, you have…or had, LOTS of Halo fans outside of America.

Game modes like firefight, doesn’t matter what type of firefight you like, ODST, reach, H5 has always been immensely popular. The fact it wasn’t even in Halo 4 is a mind-boggling decision AND the fact that it didn’t even launch with H5 and was only put in because we the fans were yelling at them every second and asking " so is firefight going to be out in? It hasn’t even been talked about in the current game which is even more perplexing!! But I digress here.

I’ll still play Halo from time to time. I’ve been playing since CE, so a long time… and I’ll always love Halo!! Especially 1-3!! nothing can beat those days!! LAN parties! Midnight line ups, great campaign stories, the music…THE EPIC MUSIC!! Those amazing ranked slayer matches!! (Still no ranked team slayer playlist in Infinite!!! …unreal!!!) And some amazing fun maps to name just a few things. Those memories will never go away nor will mine that I have of the forums either! I know it may sound strange to some, but I actually have a lot of good memories with the forms :slightly_smiling_face: … but I think my days of supporting this franchise under the current developer (I know leadership has changed now so we’ll see what the future brings…) are moreless done I’m sorry to say. I think I have just been denying it and holding out hope that things would change with infinite :disappointed: and I know they will get better, But it’s too little too late I think… and as strange as this might sound, Halo waypoint shutting down is the final nail in the coffin for me.

The decisions that 343I made, not just with this game, But especially this game are again perplexing!! It’s too bad because the gameplay in Halo Infinite is really good!!! But massive damage has been done to this franchise…and I hope things turn around one day.

So if I don’t join discord, it’s been fun everyone. Good luck on whatever social media you use, playing, in life and everything else! And perhaps I’ll see you on the battlefield from time to time. If so, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message :slightly_smiling_face:

Good hunting everyone :+1:

PS likes for everyone from here on out, why not right :slightly_smiling_face:


Well this sucks. It’s going to be a shame, for all its faults this has been the one place I’ve been to that’ll actually have discussions about the gameplay itself instead of just rage baiting for clicks/karma.


The forums are going bye bye, not the entire website. Just the forums. It’ll be set to read-only on Mar. 20th and I’d assume shortly after that (as in a couple of months later or just a year) they’ll delete the Forums entirely due to taking up to much space.

The gameplay of Infinite isn’t good either and is the number 1 driving force that is making everyone quit the game and Halo entirely. Infinite damaged the Halo brand, it was fine with Halo 4 & 5.


Dang I stopped in here most days just because I really like this game. I won’t be joining any of that other nonsense. Best of luck to everyone in season 3. I’m going to keep practicing and hope to catch up to some of you higher level players at some point in time. See you in the crosshairs fellow Spartans!!! Farewell.


Oh ok, thanks!

The number one driving force as to why people are quitting infinite is definitely not the gameplay! I know piles of people that aren’t playing this game and it’s not because of the gameplay. It’s the terrible net code, decisions with the game like no player collision, UI, No progression system and lack of content mainly. Also, Halo 4 and Halo 5 definitely damaged the halo brand!!! So we’ll agree to disagree here :wink:


I feel the same. It’s interesting that they don’t mention Reddit at all because that’s the only other place where there seems to be much in the way of actual discussion/debate. Unfortunately it seems to have pretty much no moderation and is extremely negative overall.


dang man… I was just starting to get myself acquainted here…

I’ve got to be honest… I don’t know how to feel about this…
Something feels a bit off to me…
Either way… I enjoyed chatting with you guys, even the people who didn’t agree with me.

I felt like this was a safe space to give feedback instead of Social Media…
Ive given feedback, Ive been corrected and educated by replies from fellow members like @Darwi and others that I cant think of right now.

If anything, I hope that we all meet in matchmaking one day and make it a good one, make it our version of what we expressed here on the forums.

Sure, Halo:Infinite IS NOT where we would all like it to be, but thats why we’re all here
at least I did learn a lot from the time that I was here…

Ive wanted to give up on Halo and me expressing my takes here was a way for me not to give up…
It just feels like this is a very bad decision to close these forums… or maybe this is the writing on the walls…

I felt like this was where the heart of the community was while all the posers are ranted and whining on Social Media, We were all here partying like its 2001!!
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:wave:t6: :wave:t6:



This is truly the end of an era. This franchise has been on a downward spiral for some time. Really sad. But hope everyone can learn to let go and live happily with the memories and such.


True enough. It’s strange timing too. They’ve just managed to generate some optimism for Infinite with Season 3. Can’t imagine this forum is particularly expensive to keep operating for a little longer. If the game does pick up again, traffic should have improved here too. If the game continues to die a slow death then they could just let this place slowly die with it and close it later.


No, I get it. I’ll still play halo, but this forum has been my link to feel a part of the community. With it shutting down, I’ll likely go with it as a community member.


Guess I’m going to have to get used to Discord. It’s a bit confusing at first glance, but I’ve adjust to many types of discussion boards for the 28 or so years I’ve been online lol.


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Does discord have actual discussion boards? I haven’t used it in years but I thought it was pretty much a chat service.


It looks like it does, but I cannot say I’m 100% sure