Forum symbols

So I’ve seen a bunch of different symbols next to people’s names including my own. I have a Donut symbol. How did I get this? The only time I recall bringing donuts was when Laird brought donuts at PAX. I’ve seen a few others like a directors camera and other stuff.

What are these?

I’m dumb around here (Normally an HBOer so fancy forums are confusing.)

They are Waypoint medals. Very selective few have the Donut medal. Has something to do with eating donuts with the Pax group.

The medal with the camera is director and you need to have Video post on the front page

CMOTW medal is to be selected Community member of the week by the Waypoint community and is finalized by bs angel.

Host the Most medal is earned by Hosting 3 Playdates that are successful

E3 medals were awarded to people who posted and there are 3 types. Blue=top 20 percent, Purple=top 5 and top 10 in general is Onyx.

Thanks! I feel sorta fancy now :slight_smile: