Forum Sub-sections pretty please?

Anyone who has looked at the ‘Halo 4’ thread would know how many people put complaining topics up and the topics i’d rather look at get undermined and pushed down.

So wouldn’t it be great to add sub-sections/threads within the big ones, for example:

You click onto ‘Halo 4’ when you enter the forums, then it has the usual stickies there but also a separate list of specific catagories; Matchmaking, Custom Games, Complaints, General Discussion, Spartan Ops… all the juicy stuff. You can then go straight to what you’re looking for whether it be a team for Spartan Ops or Campaign and so on.

I know that some of those examples are already on the forum but they are their own big threads, so why not just put the specific ones in for each game? Just a suggestion to make the forums a bit better to use (imo):stuck_out_tongue: