Forum Replies being wrongfully flagged

Is this a bug or something cause my friends & I have been getting some Forum replies we’ve made that are in community guidelines that were wrongfully flagged

Can this be fixed cause it’s getting kinda ridiculous


Maybe just some impatient people trying to get the first flag badge ::-/


If that’s the case, there needs to be something to resolve this. More mods, screening for harmful language, etc. to avoid the abuse of the flag tool. It’s pretty annoying to see that comments that are perfectly harmless getting flagged for absolutely no reason.

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I don’t really think a badge for it is even necessary, even if something did get flagged, monitors check it, and if was incorrectly flagged then post would continue, or if there was a valid reason it would be removed, or moved to correct area of forum. The forum is new to everyone, so hopefully it’s just something that settles down after a bit


There was a post made on one of my threads 8 hours ago that is currently still flagged despite there being no harmful language or anything even remotely close to being against rules or terms of service. Hopefully things get worked out soon as I can see this tool being further abused, unfortunately.

It could depend on time of day as to how quickly flags get resolved, wouldn’t worry about it, hopefully they fix it soon for you

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I noticed it happened when I was at level 0, but when I got to level 1, it was all fixed for me.

There are some anti-spam measures in play with the new forums that automatically flag posts for certain things. Looks like it’s a system that will learn over time so no doubt it won’t be too long before things settle down.
After your initial post has been approved, you should really be fine unless your post falls foul of the forum rules.
We’re still pretty new to this ourselves so it will also take time for us monitors to get into the swing of things, it’s a little different than what we’re used to :slight_smile:


There is a serious problem with this, as there is a badge whose requirement is to alert with a red flag, it could happen or in fact already happened that people who want to get this randomly choose a post and then the creator of the post receives an alert, a ban or something else, affecting the progression of the trust level.


A single flag is never going to cause a ban and incorrect flags are being caught fairly quickly right now. That being said it is something that’s being looked into right now


oh good, cause my first reply was flagged and I was like “umm… what?”