Forum Ranking Progress

I like to spend long amounts of time scrolling through posts and replying to them and its a massive downer to have to wait an entire 24 hours just to post more. Is there any possibility our old forum posts will influence my post limitations or am I just stuck grinding up from the bottom again?

This apparently also extends to private messages too? Seems like an oversight to me.

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The 10 post limit should be lifted once you earn trust level one if I am not mistaken. Tried posting a link to the page but I can’t post links.

I believe it is also a day one limitation for new users. I see OP joined the site 7 hours ago - so perhaps tomorrow once they gone up in trust and have passed the one day mark they will be able to post more.

I experienced the same post limit on day one, however I have been here quite often since then and have not been given a post limit since.

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