Forum Rank Stuck/Broken? Also 2 day post limit?

Ok so on top of the problem of being limited to two forum post a day now my forum rank seems to be broken. Before all this I was a Recruit Silver but now I’m some how a 15/25 Bronze? I know im not the only one with this specific issues as well.

Also back to the 2 post limit, apparently posting in your private Spartan company counts towards this? Just yesterday I apparently reached my 2 post limit despite not even making a post that day yet!?! Also I was told only new accounts would be effected but I’ve had this account since at least Halo 4?

This is just ridiculous right now, I know both mods and web-team are aware of this problem but I have yet to hear how or when this will be fixed? It’s been over 4-5 days and I’ve posted each day as well as in my Spartan company yet just like many others I’m still having these issues. Now I could try and get over the 2 post a day limit, but that’s not the only issue. As i said my account seems to be stuck at bronze for some reason. I mean has any one who had the 2 day limit had it fixed by posting a lot yet? If this really dose work how many do we need to post in order to fix it?

(I apologies for saying so much in one post but since I can only post 2 times I think you will understand )

We have a thread right below this one discussing the post limitations in effect. Let’s keep it to the one topic thanks, not need for multiple topics fragmenting the discussion :slight_smile: