Forum Navigation.

Hello there fellow forum goers, and welcome to my thread.

I am sad and more than a bit embarrassed to announce that I am a bit lost when it comes to navigation of this forum.

I made a post a couple of days ago with a poll, and while I did click on the option to track it via email, these emails haven’t been sent to the email address associated with my account.

Additionally I see no option to search for threads specifically started by me (even though this is considered a forum staple.)

Anyway any advice to help me understand these forums and how to navigate them would be met with much appreciation.

If your threads recent you can find it on your forum profile under “last ten posts”.

i feel the same way as u buddy, i dunno where the search button is and these forums take to long to load

Thank you Drew, that was actually quite helpful, and also thank you for your sympathies DrunkenMonkey.

If you guys are ever roaming live, shoot me an invite sometime.