Forum Kindness and Understanding

Please be kind in the forums. The forums are meant to be a place where new ideas and creativity are cultivated.

Each person using the halo infinite forums has passion for the halo franchise and wants halo to succeed and appeal to their friends and family.

If you think someone is posting a thread just to troll the forums then simply report the thread and let the moderators handle it. Don’t spend all day on the thread accusing the poster of being a troll.

Report the thread and leave it alone. Do not argue with everyone in the thread. If you choose to argue in the thread, then you will in fact make yourself the troll to everyone who has interest in that thread. If you choose to troll the thread then it is everyone’s right to report all the comments you’ve made trolling the thread.

Please save your time and save your energy. Do not debate for hours trying to prove to someone why they are wrong and your are right. Each person has the right to express their thoughts about the game. There is no need to debate with people who just want to share their thoughts about the game.

If you see something you don’t like in the forums
Report - Leave - Breathe - Peace


Even though I agree, your post is only wishful thinking.

There are a lot of different personalities and how I express my opinion at times brings out the best in some people. That’s because they don’t know how to control themselves.

Reporting is not going to stop some people from being a troll towards others, but just because someone has a different opinion that does mean they are a troll. It al boils down to perspective…

It might not stop them from being trolls to others, but it would stop them from being trolls to other forum members, enough reports would lead to a ban from interacting with the forums.

That’s what the trust system they implemented is for, the better you behave the more privilege you get and more features are unlocked for you.

The same goes for the other way around, if you behave poorly you’ll loose features until you’re only able to read the forums


You do realize that with this f2p MP trolls can make hundreds of accounts?

Getting a ban on the forum literally means nothing at all.

No (twenty characters)

Are you actually suggesting that having to buy a game means you can’t own a Microsoft account?


An off topic post that is breaking forum rules to police how people engage with each other? Yeah, I see a lock on this in the future.

This is terrible advice. If someone does like or does not like what I have said they can reply to me and say why they think I’m wrong/right. Than I can respond back if the reply is interesting enough. This is called a conversation. This is the whole idea of a forum. Two people having a discussion or a debate does not make them trolls. Sure, things get heated from time to time nothing wrong with that.

If people start flaming, it seems like the users here already know how to use the report feature with all these locked threads floating around.

Perhaps you worded yourself poorly, but this is not good advice and only serves to create “yes yes you are right” echo chambers. I know my ideas need to be checked as do the ideas of others. Tis life.


This thread is pure zen, I approve.

‘Do not engage in hurtful thoughts, nor camp the Wasp in BTB’. - Ghandi


Censorship is never the way. Reporting does nothing. All it does is keep you in a echo chamber.


Or you could just learn to use the mute function or simply don’t read something if you get easily offended by it. Learn some SELF-control instead of trying to control others. It is an internet gaming forum, stop taking it seriously.


since halo infinite has launch the hate threads on the forums have been increased a lot.

that people are not happy with the state off the game is now i can understand but its normal more that some things are not working good at the start.

each halo game so far that has been launch has that type problems that things are not working good at the start but what i not understand is that there not give the developers time to find the problem and fix it.

i feel more sorry for the moderators that only need to close that type threads a lot and not have the time to come in discusion on some threads with the communety like there have done in the past.
since its always fun to have a discusion with a moderator about something there think diffrend then what the player thinks.

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Do NOT feel sorry for these moderators. They literally banned me for saying fart, then lifted the ban after a staff review just to ban me AGAIN for the same thing. Their communication is on par with 343. Sorry for being immature on your internet gaming forum and saying such a bad word!

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Actually Halo 5 worked flawlessly day 1. The matchmaking was rock solid. No decync. No lag outs. Sure it had missing content but it was a fully functional game

so far i can remember good there was a respan problem in matchmaking what not really was fun at all.

since back then you respan on place’s where there is a kill barrier and are stuck like on a cliff that was not really fun to respan most off the time’s there.

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You’ve lost your Pot Privileges

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I can’t even go to walmart without insulting ugly people in my mind, how the heck am I gonna do it on the internet /s

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry with this weird question.

Good post and finally some positive energy here. But when dealing with the halo community, or really any triple a game community you are going to have either children who desperately need a whooping, or “adults” who think people owe them the world.

There’s a huge difference between jokes and hate/trolling.

No topic should be off limits until it changes to hate.

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You know what stinks?
We should form a forum clan for the fun of it till H.I. Is fixed up.
But we cant.
No clans-fireteams.
Still no btb.
No customs
No forge