Forum issues possibly linked to H5 Website update?

My friends and I have been having massive issues with our Spartan Company forums and our inboxes aren’t even working anymore as of about 30 minutes ago… Usually this type of stuff occurs when Waypoint is either undergoing maintenance or receiving updates… And being that we’re only a few days away from the release of Halo 5 I’ll go out on a limb and venture to guess that these probable, “updates,” (Updates are just my best guess; who knows?? Perhaps something’s just messed up with Spartan Companies and inboxes right now) are linked to Halo 5 somehow… Perhaps they’re adding Halo 5 stats as we speak, or tweaking the H5 Spartan Customization feature?? Why do you guys think and is anyone else undergoing the same issues??

I haven’t noticed any issues, but It wouldn’t surprise me if a major overhaul was In-Progress! Especially so close to release!

Haven’t had any problems either. But there is a good chance that everything might go down for a little bit while they up date the site.

I’m unsure, I just messed around in my Company’s forum and everything seemed fine. However I did try a little after this post was made.

I would say its a update

The inbox issue has affected a few folk so far, but I’ve only really seen a couple of reports about it. There is an update due out on Monday next week, hopefully they will be resolved by then. I have noted that some users had luck by signing out anc back in again, you could give a try or try clearing your cache / using another browser