Forum issue. Whtiespaces and character count.


I wasn’t sure where to put this but it looks like your input validator for the forum post topic field is expecting some sort of cleanup behavior that doesn’t happen.

Here are the steps to recreate/understand this issue

  1. Click ‘Add New Topic’
  2. In topic title, enter any 50 alpha characters (Character Count will read 50/50)
  3. Hit the space bar (Character Count will remain 50/50)
  4. Enter some text for the body of the post and hit Submit (An error will be returned)
  5. Add another alpha character at the end of the topic (Character Count will read 52/50
  6. Hit <backspace> to return the topic to the same state it was in after step 2.
  7. Add a space at the beginning of the topic (Character Count will remain 50/50)
  8. Hit Submit (UNTESTED by I anticipate an error on this as well).

While I’m generally reluctant to analyze code that I can’t see, it appears as if the script validating the input is expecting some downline function to strip leading and trailing whitespace – but that never happens.