Forum bans for flaming

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I might get another ban for this - I might not. Just to let forum users know, I got a ban the other day, no explanation why and was certain I’d done nothing wrong, and just got unbanned so I could finally access my inbox.

First thing I’d like to say is this, to forum admins - if you’re going to suspend someone’s account, leave them access to their damn inbox so they can read the message you send them explaining why. Secondly, the first one you sent me was a warning - but I’d gone to bed before I received that warning, and woke up with a ban and 2 messages in my inbox that I couldn’t access. Do the decent thing and let us know WHY we are banned.

So the post I got a warning for was this:


Won’t make any difference. You obviously suck and are going to die lots anyway."

This is flaming? This is a lighthearted version of “get over it”. I hope there are some mass bans going out, then, because this is childsplay compared to what I’ve seen written to a lot of people. If you can’t handle this on your forums, then you aren’t going to have forums. Honestly, this post was harmless. This is an M-rated game - the people playing it aren’t (or shouldn’t be) children. Do you not check for proof of age for the videos posted? Where’s the proof of age for forum access?

Anyway, that’s not the point, is it. I then got a ban. But looking at the ban message, it doesn’t have the post that I got banned for.

So where is it? Or was this the decision of a newly-appointed 343 mod on a power trip?

The post I got warned for was harmless - I’ve posted FAR worse on the Bungie forums, and even worse on the EVE forums, and at the MOST been lightly warned, or had a thread locked - so it looks to me like you’re overdoing it. You want to keep a community together? Then I suggest not overreacting. ESPECIALLY when there’s no explanation of why I actually got banned - and no, the message I have in my inbox does not point me to the specific post that got me banned. No explanation why. The warning points me to a post that got me a warning, but nothing there for the ban.

And if there are whiny children on this forum, that shouldn’t be here because the game is rated for mature audiences (as the forums should be), then they should learn to play well with the adults, not the other way around. If this was a Wiggles forum, sure I’d understand. But this is Halo. Not Barney the Dinosaur, not The Legend of Zelda, not Spiro - this is HALO.

But to the community I would suggest that if they’re going to continue to behave this way, and not at least treat paying customers to the basic courtesy of an explanation and an appeal on THEIR community forums, then just bail - bail and don’t come back. This post might earn me another ban but if it does, you might as well make it permanent, because this is my last post.

FYI, players can contact me via twitter, @martolives, if anyone else is disheartened by these forums for the screenshots I have of all correspondence, including how I was ignored by the Waypoint twitter handle when requesting an explanation of my ban.