Fortnightly Community Carnage-FCC

Next FCC: Saturday July 2nd 6pm (GMT)
Are you competitive and want to show your fellow Waypoint members you mean business? Or maybe you just want to get to know some members and form a stronger alliance online?
Then sign up for the FCC, simply send me a message HERESaying FCC and then the date of the upcoming FCC. I will then send you a invite on the day of the FCC event (note My gamertag so you know why i’m inviting you).
The closing date for an entry will be the Friday before the upcoming FCC.
Depending on the popularity of this event i may need to expand a bit, with more players hosting lobbies.
The FCC will be as followed Objective Gametype, Slayer Gametype, Objective Gametype, Slayer etc etc depending on the numbers there may be more games on one FCC than another. Assuming there is 1 lobby(16 max) the players will be split up Red vs Blue, the losing team is then knocked out. The winning team is then split up again. This process continues until it comes to a 1v1 and a winner is declared. Assuming there is 2 lobbies(32 max) the winning teams from each lobby then battle out each other and then the process is the same assuming there is just 1 lobby.
The maps will be chosen by the players in the lobby(choice of 2). The maps will be slightly edited to an FCC liking.
There is 1 loadout: DMR, Sprint, 1 Grenade.
1. If you lag out or your xbox freezes you CANNOT rejoin the game, if your team wins without you, you can play the game afterwards assuming it is not a 1v1.
2.You are not allowed to invite anyone in, if someone is in the lobby who is not on the ‘guest list’ they will be kicked.
Any further questions please Private message me.
Thank you for the sticky angel.

Ill join in but…I got to find some people…I have friends which it is 4 of us…but…one of them is bad…so…

Should I post the entry form here? Or should I shoot it in a pm?

I tried to send you a pm about this but I got an error message.

> Ill join in but…I got to find some people…I have friends which it is 4 of us…but…one of them is bad…so…

Well it’s just a little community thing so it’s not that bad if you lose :slight_smile:

if anyone good wants me on their team ill join

gt is packsofbears

im in onyx division and still got 1.8/1 k/d in arena

I’ll be happy to take part in this if I’m available. :slight_smile: