Forming a Halo 4 Team League

4 v. 4 Competitive League

Why create this?
I want to create this 4v4 league because I think it will fill a need that is harder to fill, playing small custom games without the rules of the competitive scene and an emphasis on classic and competitive game settings.
If you want to play competitive in matchmaking your only option is to use Team Throwdown, a good playlist, but it has a limited map choice that does not showcase a lot that the forge community has to offer and features no settings closer to classic game play.
Custom game nights are a good place to play lesser known forge maps and modes but it can be hard to get a host to to play something that they aren’t familiar with, and often times are filled to the player limit of 16 people, so smaller maps and modes are often left out.
Then there is the problem of often times playing with the same group of people. While it is enjoyable to play with your friends there is also a certain kind of fun that arises when playing with a new group of people and becoming good friends with them and facing new game play strategies and play styles.
So I form this league as a way to do these three things.

  • Create a place where people can play game modes ranging from the simple and classic, to the ridiculous and nonsensical, and the competitive and serious
  • Create an environment where players can constantly meet new players to play against without the restrictions of a community like game battles
  • Offer a place for players to test small team maps and modes in a group of supportive like-minded members and get constructive feedback on things that are good and bad about said map
  • Lastly, make friends, laugh, and play something you have never seen before


  • Must form a team of four people
  • Will be playing a variety of Classic and V3 game variants along with custom ones
  • Can also be a place to test and refine our personal forge maps
  • Must use a microphone for communication, nobody wants a silent teammate!

List of Gametypes

  • These will be updated
  • V3 Team Slayer
  • V3 King of the Hill
  • V3 CTF
  • 2-Plot

Custom Created

  • These are of my design but will include those made by everyone - located in my file share hopefully
  • [Arch] Slayer
  • [Arch] CTF
  • CQC Flagsault
  • Classic AR CTF
  • Classic AR Slayer

List of Maps

  • These will be updated
  • Abandoned - KOTH, Slayer
  • Skyline - CTF, Slayer
  • Monolith CTF, Slayer
  • Haven - 2-Plot, Slayer

Custom Created

  • These are of my design but will include those made by everyone - located in my file share hopefully
  • Archway V2 - only maps for [Arch] variants and only [Arch]
  • Science - CTF, KOTH, Slayer
  • Cycle V3 - KOTH, Oddball
  • Cyclone V2 - CTF, Slayer, KOTH
  • Chasm CTF - Only use of and only uses CQC Flagsault
  • Elevated - CTF, KOTH, Slayer

How to Join

I don’t have a team

  • Post your Gamertag
  • Meet with other people in the thread to form a team

I do have a team
Post the following:
[/li]- Team Name

  • Team Members’ Gamertags
  • Any suggestions for maps, modes, and where to post the schedule

These maps and modes are not final and suggestions are welcome!

once I have enough people I will post the link to the schedule and begin the games

scheduling will take place here->