Forming a 4-man group for MM

Hello all!

Firstly, I’m posting this to get a 4-man group together for MM, primarily TS, though we will indulge in other game modes if requested. So the requirements are a little tight, and I will go into detail about them in a second. Before that, I’d like to say that this squad isn’t gonna be apart of a clan nor do I have any intention for it to develop into a clan. I also understand if you can’t get on 3 or 4 days out of the week (work, gf, school). I’m dealing with all that myself so don’t worry about it. I’m not strict at all dealing with that stuff.

Okay, requirements…

  • You need AT LEAST a 1.3 K/D in SLAYER mode. I don’t give a rat’s -Yoink- if you have 3.5 in CTF or SWAT. News flash: It’s not that hard

  • You need to be willing to learn, work together, and be patient. I don’t consider myself a strict guy but if you rage quit in the middle of a match or get offline because we go on a losing streak, I’m going to kick you off. Also, don’t bother joining if you are a whiner. That means no complaining during matches (AW MAN THIS F*CKIN NOOB KEEPS CAMPING) It’s not constructive to anyone so I would be deeply appreciative if you would refrain from speaking.

  • You need to be 16+. This has nothing to do with skill actually. I just hate whining kids in my ear. It’d be ideal if you weren’t over 25. It’s just people over 25 usually can’t get on more than 1-2 days every week, but if that’s not a problem for you and your over 25 then that’s fine.

*There won’t be “practices” or anything and I don’t plan on joining any competitive leagues unless we are just raping everyone.

My info:
GT: TheIronMitten
Slayer K/D: 1.36

Other crap I forgot to put
You may notice my “offline” status. Don’t worry about that, I can still message you over XBL if you have any questions or of course message you on here. You need a mic (obviously). You should also live in America (i’m eastern time zone btw). As a courtesy, It would be great if you just called me Mitten. Real names aren’t important.

Message if you’re interested/have questions.
Thank you!


fail on my bullets :frowning: