Former Top 32 Team (Halo 3) looking for 2

Looking for 2 players who are interested in competitive play for Infinite (e.g. HCS qualifiers, etc.).

I’m a former competitive Halo 2 & 3 semi-pro who has had success at several MLG & EGL [rip] tournaments. This is the first Halo I’ve liked since 3 - so I’m hopping back on the scene and it’s coming back quick. Target qualifiers would likely be KC - but wouldn’t be opposed to Anaheim if it’s going well.

With the holidays coming up, I won’t be on too much around X-mas - so just add me and send me a message. We’ll run some games coming up here soon.

GT: Deference

I’d post the results from MLG Meadowlands, but I can’t upload images as a new user.

This might work:

Hope your having a great day man. Would love to get involved in some competitive halo infinite. I am an 1805 in cross play ranked and 1625 onyx in solo/duos. Would love to run some games and see how we mesh. I get off at work at 3pm eat. I will add you. My gamer tag is RyuSmacks336. I am on pc and my discord is RyuSmacks#1649 my Snapchat is thrax_ nation if that’s easier for us to communicate.

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Sounds good, man. I’ve got some traveling to do around Xmas, so might not be on much before then - but we’ll absolutely run games very soon.

I believe I sent you a message, but lets run some games. I’m looking into attending Anahiem. I have event experience from MLG an also EGL hahaha

Sounds good, man! Not many people know about the EGL :joy:. We’ll run some games after Xmas.

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