Former Halo Pro, FREE AGENT

Hey guys my name is Venial, i am a Competitive Halo player, Halo 2 Speedrunner and a Halo writer for the Halo Archive. I have been to many LANS and online cups back in the H3 days, and i have won many of them. Including MLG 2007 Anaheim as a FFA winner. I currently am powered by Razor, CinchGaming, StickyGrips and NoScopeGlasses.

After my Career in MLG, i retired to do my own thing for a bit, and one of those was speedrunning. I really enjoy it, and i am a former WR Holder for H2 Legendary on MCC, now as i watch all of these pros to date, i have made the decision to get back into shape, but first i must find a new team. Currently i use Skype voice chat for communication due to problems with my gaming equipment, but that problem should be resolved in this coming month due to help from my sponsors. I am looking for a team to grind some Halo with again, and if you give me a chance, i promise you wont regret it.

If you guys are interested in me for a HCS team please contact me at either my business email:, my twitter: @VenialEsports, or my Xbox Live gt: itZ Venial

Thanks everyone for the opportunity, and hope to be back on the circuit soon. :slight_smile: