Form a Football team with Halo characters

Hello, I have a question. Which characters from the Halo Universe would you like to form a Football team with?

Goalkeeper: Tartarus/Atriox.
Wing-back: Thel 'Vadam.
Full-back: Rtas 'Vadum.
Sweeper: John-117.
Centre-back: Fred-104.
Defensive Midfielder: Sarah Palmer.
Winger: Thomas Lasky.
Central Midfielder: Chips Dubbo.
Striker: Kelly-087.
Attacking Midfielder: Melissa McKay.
Forward: Jameson Locke.

An entire team that consists of brute chieftains with gravity hammers should do the trick, if they can’t score with the ball then they can just turn the match into a game of slayer and score in a …different way

Like 1000 grunts piled on each other in front of the goal. I think that would work

I’m forming an American Football team, but here goes.


Head Coach - Dr. Halsey
Offensive Coordinator - Thomas Lasky
Strength and Conditioning Coach - Sarah Palmer

QB - Master Chief (duh)
RB - Kelly 087
WR1 - Arbiter (imagine those long arms and height just going after a jump ball - you thought Megatron was a beast, now add two feet of height and arms)
WR2 - Rtas 'Vadum (continuing with Sangheili theme at wideout)
WR3 - Eddie Buck (always felt he’d be a good slot receiver, like Wes Welker)
TE - Jameson Locke
Offensive Line - Hunters

Defensive Coordinator - Lord Hood

Defensive End - Tarturus
Defensive End - Atriox (what a nasty combo of D ends this would be)
Defensive Tackle - Colony
MILB - Fred 104
MOLB - Sgt. Johnson
LOLB - Pavium
ROLB - Decimus
FS - Didact (dude would be PUNISHING manipulating the ball in the secondary)
SS - John Forge
LCB - Ripa 'Moramaee
RCB - Let 'Volir

K - Jun

QB: Carter
RB: Kelly
TE: Noble Six
Wr. Fred. “I’m the Juggernaut -Yoink-!”
Wr. ‘Thel Vadam
Wr. John
Lt. Jorge
Lg. Emile
C. Tartarus
Rg. Brute Chieftain
Rt. Ripa Moramee
K. Linda
Head Coach. Captain Keyes
Offensive Coordinator. Lord Hood
This is American Football btw. I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys too.

Mine would clearly have Fred-104 be the team leader. No Chief or Osiris allowed in it!

I don’t watch too much football but I know this, Buck should be the commentator

Goalkeeper: Tartarus
Central-back1: Jorge
Central-back2: Atriox
Left back: Linda
Right back: Jun
Defending Midfielder: Rtas 'Vadum
Central Midfielder1: Didact
Central Midfielder2: Master Chief
Right Winger: Vale
Left Winger: Locke
Striker: ‘Thel Vadam

Formation: 4-3-3
Head coach: Sargent Johnson

Coach: Johnson
Members (I don’t follow football so idk terminology): all of them are Halo 2 Brutes.