"Forklift Gang" are welcoming achievement hunters!

Good evening Spartans,

I’ve recently began playing Halo again thanks to Halo: Master Chief Collection hitting steam and I’ve had an absolute blast so far. I’ve met quite a few great people so far and we’ve been grinding achievements. I’ve since created a Discord server in the hopes of bringing together more achievement hunters, allowing us all to progress as the titles release! “Forklift Gang” was created as a joke after sharing a lot of laughs unlocking “Workers’ Compensation”.

  • Relaxed group of players from the UK and USA primarily. - Most of our group are over the age of 18 with microphones. - The majority have played Halo since Halo: CE originally released on Xbox.We are more than happy to help others with their achievement needs as well as currently running LASO together. We do also matchmake for social and Invasion. Anyone is welcome to join!

Link to Discord: Discord

Does this clan still exist?

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> Does this clan still exist?

I don’t think so the discord link is invalid :frowning: