Forgotten Soldiers Now Recruiting!

Hello Halo Waypoint!
I am here to announce that Forgotten Soldiers, is now recruiting.
Who are the Forgotten Soldiers?
Our clan goal is to have fun, be the best of the best. Take out rival clans with intimidating lethal force, we are a friendly and strict Military-Based clan. We are very understanding, however, we DO NOT tolerate attacks or threats from other clans. We also DO NOT tolerate Traitors, and such Traitors shall be dealt with accordingly. We are here to have a fun, but also make a legacy for ourselves. We are Relentless, Fearless, Powerful. We shall stop at nothing to proclaim our victory within the battlefield!
Enlist in FS today! Message tiggle man to join!
Requirements to join are as follows:
You must be 15 years or older.
Have a functioning mic.
Be active on Halo 5

See you on the battlefield!

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