Forgot to Save Gameplay ~ Help

Hello 343 and community, I was wondering if there was a way to get the gameplay of a matchmaking game that I thought I downloaded but apparently not. I know exactly which game it was that the clip I want is from, including date, time, gametype and map all from the Game History. Are video files only available for download in temporary history, or are there backups on the Halo 4 servers?

The Game that I am trying to get the gameplay is:
Gametype on Map: V2 Team Slayer on V2 Solace
Playlist: Team Throwdown
Date; Time: 02.22.13 10:28PM
Length: 9 minutes and 42 seconds
Final Score: Blue 50 : Red 16
Players: Blue : Forever Loved, Richmonduk, Isaacio and Forever Rap
Players: Red : Trappie, Nonojojo, and crez980

Why I want this file/video/clip, Have you ever seen a Panic Assassination? Best thing ever. Went for No-Scope, (Epic Fail), Panic Melee and get an Assassination… IDEK.

Once they drop off your temporary history they’re gone as far as theater access. All you can do now is look at the stats from the game online unless one of the other players in the game for some reason saved it. Message each player and see if they by random chance did.

Ya, I also intended to ask the other players about it, but I doubt that they would have saved it. Thank you for your response and are you absolutely positive that there are no back ups? I also doubt that there are but you never know.