Forging contest! Winning map may be used in an upcoming machinima!

Yes, your map may become apart of H.O.G. and will be used by the pack! Not only that, but may be featured in future H.O.G. Machinima! The rules are posted below:How to compete:*Post a link to the map file and another link to a picture of the map in a post to the correct forum. (link below)*Maps may not be remakes. All must be original. (inspired by or spiritual successors are not remakes and are valid)*Maps are judged by the heads of the pack, and will be judged on *Originality, *Flow, *Completeness, *Combat direction, *Weapon placement, *Aesthetics, *Experience, and *Enjoyment.*You may enter your map from now till, Apr. 24th 11pm CST.Again, the contest lasts till April 24, 11:00PM CST. So if you don’t already have a complete map you liked to get into the Halo community start now! Also bonus points for awesome original map names! And you can summit up to 3 maps! So start forging