Forging Buddies for MCC

I enjoy forging maps for all kinds and I have made a lot in the past Halo games. I am looking for some people that are some what decent at forging, so we may may both criticize and help build each others maps. I will be getting Halo: Master Chief Collection day one and plan to forge day one as well. It will be good if me and other forgers get together day 1, so we can try learning the new forge features. If it is possible I would like like to make a Forge Team. If you are interested, message me if you would ever like to co-forge.

-RBG Persian

yhh im looking for players too, add me up


I’ll be forging at 11:01 Central US time on 11/10/14, and I have the rest of the week off from work. Added both of ya.

added you turbtastic