Forging a Legend and Lone Wolf not working

I just finished the game on solo Legendary and neither the Forging a Legend or the Lone Wolf achievements popped. Has anyone else had this problem?

On 11-12-2015 (after the system update) I got a message while playing that Halo servers couldn’t link my player profile, but I was still logged in to Live, and the game was still working so I kept playing. I think this might have been where the error happened, but a temporary glitch with a system update shouldn’t be blocking it, since my Spartan service record still shows every solo mission completed on Legendary. Does anyone have advice on how to fix this?..short of having to replay the entire game, because I have no interest in fighting the Warden in The Breaking ever again.

Achievements can be buggy, my Hunt The Truth achievement for finding all Intel is stuck at Done! Unlocking…