(Forgeworld)MapLKnightmare(slayer assault ctf swat KOTH Juggernaut)

Map: Knightmare v1.7

Knightmare consist of a 2 layer map with 4 jump areas crisscross pattern. As seen here in the over view shot
The map itself supports up to 16 players recommended 8 minimum. Gametypes supported: CTF Slayer SWAT Juggernaut Assault KOTH

1x Rocket
1x Sniper rifle
1x Needler Rifle
4x Assualt rifles
2x DMR
2x Magnum
1x Needler
2x Plasma pistols
2x Plasma Repeater
2x Plasma rifle

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Youtube Game Play video v1.3

Changes in v1.7
-Added gametypes Assault & KOTH
-Fixed spawn issue
-added more bunker style areas.
-added Game type assault.
-added different architecture.

Map: Knightmare v1.7