Forget the Grav Hammer! I want the Golf Club

I loved the Golf Club in H3 and Reach, my #1 complaint about H4 (all the other bad stuff came 2nd) was the lack of the golf club. Am I not the only one, or do I just like the golf club a bit too much. For me it was just some way to break the immersion of being in such an immersive universe and remind me that it is a video game, and to have fun is the #1 priority. It was sort of like the No Land Beyond from Destiny, it didn’t suck like NLB but it did kind of pull you out for a second, and it was just a load of fun! (plus when I discovered it I did have a little chuckle)

The golf club is good fun. They should bring it back along with the gravity hammer as options in Arena and custom games.

It would be funny to see them roll out rare and legendary versions for Warzone, as well.

Ultra Rare - “The Shaft”

Legendary - “Old Tom Morris”